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Homework Help: Concrete Structures

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    sorry this isn't really a homework question, wasn't too sure where to put it. At the moment I'm taking a concrete structures course. I ordered the textbook online but it's not here yet. I have an assignment due on friday, and really need somewhere to start.

    So my question is: Does anyone know somewhere on the net with decent Concrete Structures notes? Or have you taken this unit before and have some links to your universities notes?

    The lecture notes for my course are in another language (don't ask), so they're not much help.
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    You really need a textbook; reinforced concrete structure design can be more difficult than steel design because it involves the composite use of 2 materials.

    This site may be of some help for starters, but I don't guarantee its accuracy


    Also, it uses the USA units of measure, so if you are using SI (metric units), the USA units will confuse you for sure.
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