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Concurrent degree vs minor

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    Should I choose pick the university that allows me to do a concurrent degree (great business program) or a slightly better university that only lets me take a minor in either the arts or business (business program is not well known)? What would be the benefit in having an extra degree?

    Right now I'm trying to decide whether I should sacrifice a bit on the quality of teaching/profs/TAs in order to go for a concurrent degree. I have heard some negative feedback about the profs/TAs (language barriers) at the university offering the concurrent degree.... Seeing as I'm an oral learner, this may be a problem... I realize this is an issue that may be encountered at every university, but it seems to occur at a higher frequency at that particular university...

    Also, would taking a variety of mechanical/materials engineering be better (career-wise) than focusing solely on one aspect of mechanical engineering (ie. manufacturing)? I would think that doing a variety of courses would be better so I can do more different things... but diversifying too much may be a bad thing?

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