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Homework Help: Concurrent force system

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    Cord are looped around a small spacer separating two cylinders each weighing 400 lb and pass, as shown in the figure, over frictionless pulleys to weights of 200 lb and 400 lb. Determine the angles theta and the normal pressure N between the cylinders and the smooth horizontal surface.

    I cant figure out how to solve it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Doc Al

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    What have you tried?

    Analyze the forces acting on the cylinders. What must the net force be?
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    To elaborate on Doc Al's comment, we expect students to show work when seeking assistance.

    Simply write a vector diagram which shows indicates the tension in the cords acting on the axis of the two cylinders each of 400 lbs. Hint: each mass experiences a downward force related to weight.

    It is not stated, but is this a statics problem, i.e. none of the masses are accelerating?
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    sorry, i didnt know... i think its obvious that im just new here and im sorry if i havent read the entire terms and conditions whatsoever (i dont have time to read it... got lots of exams)

    anyway, i already know how to solve it

    i was confused at first but it was very easy.
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