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Condensation polymers

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    Can someone please help me with this question? Thanx
    Choose those statements that are correct about the following two condensation polymers:

    (A) Prepared from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid
    (B) Prepared from glycerol (CH2OHCHOHCH2OH) and terephthalic acid

    Both polymers have about the same molecular weight.
    a) polymer (A) would be predicted to be weaker

    b) polymer (A) would be predicted to be more flexible

    c) Both polymers are attracted to each other by strong hydrogen bonds

    d) polymer (A) would be predicted to have the higher melting point
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    The question is pretty standard.

    a) not sure what they mean by "weaker," perhaps something in relevance to bullet proof glass. In this case, you need to determine if the polymer belongs to syndatic, atactic, etc.......(should find it in your text).

    b)I believe it is atatic polymers which exhibit such flexibility as rubber, although I'm not absolutely sure of this.

    c)A polymer with alternating R groups would have the stronger hydrogen bond. This question is worded rather poorly, not very clear, since hydrogen bonds are strong to begin with.

    d)both polymers have the same molecular weight and thus if there are any differences in this factor it is due to the effeciency of hydrogen bonding due to structure.
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