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Condition where people laugh at inappropriate times?

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    Is there a condition where people laugh at inappropriate times? My gf is mad at me because I tend to let out my stress with laughs and chuckles and she gets angry because she thinks I am laughing at her, which is not the case. Any ideas?
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    modern pchycologicists theorize that laughter is driven by spontinuuity. we're hit by an unexpected word or gesture, and our primitive survival instinct gets nervous, but when we realize there is no danger, our anxiety is released in laughter. in your case, i suppose you'de have been an excellent hunter/gather because your instincts are wired.
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    Re: laughing

    It's not a condition, it's a symptom of disorders.

    There are a few disorders that can include this - which one someone has is not so important. What's important is that people who laugh at inappropriate times usually have a decently problematic mental condition.
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    Oh great, I have a disorder :frown:, can you give me some references?

    I tend to laugh at serious times, like when my gf is talking serious to me. Usually when I reply I am sort of chuckling. I don't mean to and it makes her feel real bad. Also at sad times like at funerals, I don't feel sad, but almost like I want to smile. I think I just hate feeling down and depressed and I try everyway not to feel that way or get out of feeling depressed as quickly as possible. I've been a person who has never shown or expressed much emotion betore.
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    hmmm, I search for inappropriate laughing and all I get is either I'm addicted to sex or have Schizophrenia and I'm pretty sure I'm neither.

    Actually apon a closer look I have all but one or two of these symptons:

    but they seem fairly general to me and common, so I am not sure

    oh man I do everything on this page too

    but it seems to me that everyone does these things, am I wrong?

    or maybe I am a hypochondiac and just think I have problems, doh!
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    Re: laughing

    Yes, tell her what you just told us!
    That seems perfectly reasonalbe.

    If she doesn't listen then maybe she isn't such a great gf after all...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ignore him/her. His words flow from his southernmost latitude. Don't even give him/her a second thought. At most you probably are just using laughter as a nervous release. If you are really worried about then talk to a counselor, or a doctor, or someone else who is an expert. Don't let the cracker influence your thinking. Anyone can read any psychology or medical text and imagine that they have "the symptoms". This is a normal reaction for young psychology students. You can't read a book, or a page, and then be qualified to comment on a person’s mental or physical health...even if it’s yours. That’s why doctors go to school for 12 years.
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