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Conditional probability help

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    I can easily solve a problem if the probabilities are already defined in the question.. such as P(A|B)
    But I always get confused about how to actually define the probability from an application exercise.

    Market research shows that (A)75% if customers want text messages on their phone, (B)80% want photo capability, (AnB)65% want both.

    What are the probabilities that a person who wants text messages also wants photo capability?

    Would the formula be

    Also could you please explain in detail how I would know which letter goes first since I always get it confused.
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    P(B|A), B is the variable which has the probability. A is the condition.
    Your expression is a little imprecise the way it is worded. A is the event a customer wants text mesages and P(A) = .75, etc.

    In formal terms you are asking what is the probability that a person wants photo capability under the condition the person wants text messages.
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    Yeah thanks I eventually figured it out after a lot of application question practice.

    Also I have an exam in 2 days but my stupid lecturer decided not to give us the answer sheet to a previous past paper for us to practice and check our answers on.

    So basically I have a past question paper PDF and I'm willing to pay someone to answer it 100% accurately so that I can see which parts I need to improve on before the exam

    Inbox me or reply to this thread if anyone reading this is extremely confident in the following topics..
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