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Conductivity reference charts

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    Does anyone know where I could find a good chart listing the thermal and electrical conductivities of metals? The chart doesn't need to be terribly accurate, I only need to know general values for comparison to other metals on the chart. All I need is one basic value for each metal. If anyone could direct me to a good chart, I would appreciate it, thank you =)
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    How about two charts? What happens when you google thermal conductivity of metals? And separately google electrical conductivity of metals? Could you please post links to the best web pages found by each of those two google searches, and let us know why they are not sufficient? Thanks.
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    I needed to revise my post; I didn't understand exactly what the chart was diagramming; this is the first chart I saw;
    (I'm still unsure what the commas and 2 values represent)
    In the past, my physics textbook and internet reference charts have disagreed; specifically on specific heat tables. Because I need the values for relative comparison, and not so much for reference, one chart containing all values would be ideal.
    The second reference chart I looked up was located at: http://www.engineersedge.com/properties_of_metals.htm but these values are not metric, and so their ONLY use would be for relative comparison to values on the chart, but an ideal chart would preferably be multi-functional. (I plan to print it out for occasional use)
    The other tables I searched for were less accessible, and as I was discouraged by the prior websites, so I decided to only do a cursory search of them; some laziness on my part =(
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