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Conference papers .

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    Conference papers..............


    I am new to this forum and also to this field of electrical engineering which also includes the topis of electronics. I want to know about the link of the institute of the best conference and technical papers.......

    Which are the best institutes to submit such papers?
    Can anyone help me and provides such links.........

    I will be very much thankful for the same.
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    Re: Conference papers..............

    I'm confused.

    Do you mean http://www.ieee.org/" [Broken]?

    Or did you just want http://www.ieee.org/" [Broken]?

    Or did you want a http://journalseek.net/elec.htm" [Broken]?

    Or did you mean to ask which institutions are the best regarded for obtaining an Electrical Engineering education? Or a post-graduate degree in EE?

    Very much thankful for the same what? :confused:
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