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Conferencesaround the world

  1. Sep 8, 2007 #1
    I wanted to know an easy way for finding out about comming cenferences all around the world!thanks
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    In what field?

    Scientific and technical socities have calendars or announcements for conferences. Just go to a particular website.

    Or search Google for "conference","topic of interest" or replace topic of interest with a conference name or title.
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    actually I`m searching for biocumputation one,relating to ant colonies,I`ve done all the task you said but I thought there might be a better and organized way for this task,thanks
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    Well Biocomputation (or bioinformatics) with respect to ant colonies is very specific.

    One might try the Entomological Society of America - www.entsoc.org
    particularly - http://www.entsoc.org/annual_meeting/current_meeting/index.htm

    There is also the International Congress of Entomology
    e.g. in 2008 - http://www.ice2008.org.za/
    or http://www.csiro.au/events/ICE2008.html
    or http://esa.confex.com/esa/2006/techprogram/paper_24688.htm

    in 2004 - XII International Congress of Entomology - http://www.bcec.com.au/www/index.cfm?itemid=176

    Entomology conference proceedings and extension publications

    Conference Proceedings and Extension Publications

    Search Google using - "conference","biocomputation","ant colony"
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