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Confession time

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    What was the last time when you spoke to someone about something,and find later the things you spoke were silly (may be humiliating others or making yourself look foolish) and then at a total you get a longlasting embarrasements
    Any experiences welcomed
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    With any luck this thread will turn out to be a good example
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    :rofl: I was thinking along those same lines, but I think it's a whole collection of threads that are contributing to the example.
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    Other than a few (hundred :uhh:) posts in the Thread Killer thread, it's never happened to me. :biggrin:
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    Yesterday probably (hmm.. maybe even today). Sometimes I even say foolish ridiculous things on purpose.
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    I was at a bar once with my girlfriend. There was a live 'band' playing... they seemed to be doing a lot of cover songs. I made a few remarks at how good the cover band was, especially the guitarist.

    She responded: 'Uhm... this is a Rock Band tournament.'

    Rock Band, as in, the game. Where the instruments aren't real, but video game controllers. Karaoke with instruments.

    I don't know if that's what you're looking for, but I sure felt as dumb as a brick for the rest of the night. We were only sitting about 20 feet away from them, too.
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    yes it is simiar sort of this
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