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Configure a network (Part 2)

  1. Dec 20, 2003 #1

    I bought today a new switch and tried to setup my little network. Now the situation is like this. 2 PC's are connected to a switch (Type: FS605 v2). The switch is then connected to a router (Type: RP614). The router is then connected to my little modem :smile:. When I try to ping my router I get no answer.... . What should I do ? Switch the switch and the router ? Or could it be that the bloody cable is faulty ? (I don't hope thats the case but if it is somebody is going to pay )

    Please help :smile:

    PS: Read "network help" for more info

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    Update: Now I changed the settings. The router is now where the switch was. I can configure now the router which wasn't possible before. Could really a cable be faulty ? How can I test that ?
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    Seems like you have a little problem :wink:

    can you list out EXACTLY how you have the cables hooked up.

    1. cable modem connected to WAN of router.
    2. Computer 1 is connected to LAN of router

    Also specify which computer your pinging from and how it is hooked up in relation to the other devices.
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    If it goes on like this I gonna shoot my cablemodem.

    I connected now my pc DIRECTLY with the cablemodem but when I try to establish a connection the software from the company says: standard gateway couldn't be configured and stops :frown:. I'll go to them tomorrow and bash they're bloody heads in . I need cable
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    Were you using a crossover when you hooked directly up to the modem? You're going to have to.
    This would work better:
    computers -> switch
    switch -> modem

    If you insist on using the router then disable all the features on it so it acts like a switch or hub.

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    And that would work HOW, if his cablemodem isn't a router as well? ;)

    What cable company is this? TimeWarner? Cox?

    Internet > Router > Switch > Computers

    That setup will be fine if done right.

    There needs to be more information posted to fix this though.
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    That is the correct setup (most of us have the router and switch in the same package).

    FYI, most cable modems ARE routers, just not NAT routers (they are real routers). The problem of course becomes where to get the IP addresses - you have to buy them from the cable company.

    Blackjack, check your indicator lights to make sure you have a good connection between hardware (and check in your instruction manuals for the type of cable - patch or crossover - you need). Assuming the router has a built-in switch, connect one of the lan ports to the wan port of the second switch and connect the wan port on the router to the cable modem.

    Set up the computers to "obtain ip address automatically" and log onto the router to run its setup applet. You don't need to install any software, but the router likely won't work right unless you configure it.
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