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Confined Blast Wave propagation

  1. Aug 30, 2015 #1
    I'm a little rusty on my physics, so here's the hypothetical: Put HMX prima cord in a long pipeline , say 1000m. If you detonate the prima cord and the pipe has a 3" ID, would the blast wave outrun the HMX detonation velocity of 9100 m/s. If you reduced the ID of the pipe, is there a certain point (ID) where the blast wave would move faster than the cord?
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    Blast wave through... natural-gas/air, or hydrogen/oxygen, or some other mixture in the pipe?

    I think it's unlikely that the conflagration within the pipe would ever propagate faster than the 9.1km/s high-explosive detonation. A highly pressurized H2O2 mixture might burn at rather impressive speeds. But you'd have a hard time getting anywhere near HE detonation velocities, regardless of the pipe size. (Unless you cheat and use a gas mixture under conditions that cause it to be ignited by the prima cord inside the pipe).

    From Wikipedia:
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