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Confinement of QCD

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    Hello to all
    When we study the Confinement of QCD, the coupling strength increases as the momentum transfer decreases (i.e, p→0) and the coupling strength decreases as the momentum transfer increases (i.e, p→∞). My question is: can we say ω =m; where ω is the energy which is given as ω2=m2+vec\q2 and m is the mass of the quark.
    Thank you all
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    Which equation for the coupling constant ##\alpha_S(q^2)## do you have in mind?

    Please note that the usual expressions for the running coupling constant are derived via perturbation theory which breaks down in the IR; therefore one cannot use this running coupling constant to study confinement.

    Perhaps you have something different in mind?
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    Could you clarify what should be the relation between confinement and the equation for the energy? I don't really understand the question.
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