Confinement of QCD

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    When we study the Confinement of QCD, the coupling strength increases as the momentum transfer decreases (i.e, p→0) and the coupling strength decreases as the momentum transfer increases (i.e, p→∞). My question is: can we say ω =m; where ω is the energy which is given as ω2=m2+vec\q2 and m is the mass of the quark.
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    Which equation for the coupling constant ##\alpha_S(q^2)## do you have in mind?

    Please note that the usual expressions for the running coupling constant are derived via perturbation theory which breaks down in the IR; therefore one cannot use this running coupling constant to study confinement.

    Perhaps you have something different in mind?
  4. Could you clarify what should be the relation between confinement and the equation for the energy? I don't really understand the question.
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