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Homework Help: Confirmation on Linear Algebra Question

  1. Nov 8, 2005 #1
    Hi, Id just like to make sure that I did this question correctly. Find the two points trisecting the segment between P(2,3,5) and Q(8,-6,2).

    I drew a simple diagram and put two points inbetween P and Q, named X and Y. I then saw X was 1/3 from P and Y was 2/3 from P.

    So I found vector PQ = (6,-9,-3) and said
    X = (2,3,5) + 1/3(6,-9,-3)
    = (4,0,4)

    Y = (2,3,5) + 2/3(6,-9,-3)
    = (6,-2,-3)

    Are these the two points?

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    I think you have an arithmetic error in the y term of your second point.

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    And also in the z component.

    Your method is correct.
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