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Confused about mitosis

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    Lets say for example, that a cell contains 2n=12 chromosomes..

    In mitosis and..does that mean that in

    g1: cell has 6 chromosomes and 6 molecules of dna
    s: cell has 12 molecules of dna
    g2: cell has 12 chromosomes and 12 molecules of dna

    so at the end of mitosis, the cell with have 12 chromosomes and 12 molecules of dna?

    what i dont understand is that shuldnt the daughter cell of mitosis be exactly equal to the G1 phase of mitosis in terms of chromosome / dna content?\

    also in meiosis, in which mitotic phase does the cell go from diploid to haploid..i thought it was telephose but the answer was anaphase..why? Isn't it still diploid since in anaphase the cell is still one cell

    also..lets say a cell contains chrosomome # 2n=12

    does the daughter cell of mitosis have the same chrosome #/dna content as G1???

    shouldnt that mean that in g1, there is 12 chrosomes

    and in g2..there are 24 chrosomomes..but that is not the case, and only 12 chrosomes in g2...

    i am so confused ! help please final exam tomrorow
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    i know the stages of mitosis clearly, but i dont understand the chrosomoes duplicating part...

    although that site has plentiful info about mitosis/meiosis that site didnt answer my questions
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    it should be
    G1: 6 pair of chromosome and 12 chromosome
    At the end of S and G2: 24 chromosomes and 12 (2*6) pairs chromosome.

    The daughter cell at the end of Mitosis will be exactly at the point of G and it is

    6 pair of chromosome and 12 chromosome

    Everything has started to segragate during anaphase and stoping the reaction would not results in a diploid

    also..lets say a cell contains chrosomome # 2n=12

    can you dive more infor on this. Is it still part of metosis that you are asking or is a mitosis question.

    Cell that goes through meosis do not go through the exact same cycles as the mitosis cell.
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