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Confused about my major?

  1. Jan 21, 2012 #1
    I am interesting in geology, anthropology and zoology. Which of these has better job prospects, considering that I'm willing to get a Masters and PhD if required?
    Also, which major is better for understanding human evolution, zoology or anthropology?
    And is it possible to switch from Biotech in my bachelor's to zoology in grad school?
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    Thanks. I'm leaning towards Geology.

    Does anyone know if there's a lot of Organic Chemistry involved with Geology? I don't particularly like that stuff.
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    The advice I always give students trying to decide their major is to do something that they are not only interested in or passionate about but something that will also give them countless career opportunities.

    Zoology will give you very limited job opportunities. Basically, you could be a zookeeper or zoologist where you mainly do research or teaching.

    Anthropology is an interesting field studying human activity. However, you can teach, work in museums, and do a lot of research for schools or non-profit organizations.

    Geology is a great career. There are many fields and endless opportunities. You could teach, research in or out of the field. Many people do not realize this but geologists work in the oil and gas industry. I believe of the three choices, geology is the best one for you and your future. Here is a guide about geology majors. It will tell you about career paths and how you will be received in the job market. Good luck deciding and most importantly - enjoy your college experience!
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