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Confused about specialization

  1. Nov 17, 2011 #1
    I'm being asked to choose my specialization in ME (for the last 2 years of the BEng) and I'm not sure what to take--I LOVE EVERYTHING.

    The options are:

    (a) Thermo-fluids and propulsion
    (b) Design, manufacturing and materials science
    (c) Mechatronics

    Although I didn't like E and M too much I was told mechatronics is more related to actual electronic applications so I am quite interested. I love thermodynamics (I find it incredibly interesting) but I havent' taken fluids yet; I love materials science (hate chemistry but turns out I truly like it when it has some sort of application).

    I have to choose within the next month and I am so unsure because I find all 3 highly interesting; is there one that would be beneficial in finding a high-quality/high-paying job? Could anyone give me any tips on how to narrow the choices down?

    Thanks in advance.
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    (a) Lots of chemistry. Lots..of..chemistry. Also, you will have to do some fluid dynamics and stuff like that.

    (b) Probably a lot of statistics and some CAD (maybe?). You will learn alot about lean manufacturing, 6-Sigma, stuff like that.

    (c) Mechanisms and Embedded/Programmable Control are what constitute Mechatronics.
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    E&M and sort of a weird one in electrical engineering in my view. It's not directly applicable to circuits unless you are working on circuits in the MHz ranges...

    Electrical Engineering in general is more focused on designing and understanding how circuits and digital computers work.

    I'd say the coolest one of those three is mechatronics.

    Then again. I'm an EE major , so I'm biased.
  5. Nov 18, 2011 #4
    Curious because chemistry is often defined as the science of materials :rolleyes:
  6. Nov 18, 2011 #5
    My statement regarding chemistry was mostly aimed at General Chemistry--it just all felt pointless (just rote memorization and obscure topics IMO) whereas materials science is APPLIED chemistry so it just really pulled me in.

    My main concern with option (a) is that it seems like EVERYONE chooses that option (it was said to be about 70% of Mechanical students) and it also encompasses too many topics to be considered a true specialization IMO (gas dynamics, solar and wind energy, HVAC systems, rocket design and propulsion, power generation etc...). Although I find ALL those topics interesting I don't see how a 7 class specialization will cover these topics in a complete manner; however, option (b) is limited to design, manufacturing processes and materials (and I would say design and manufacturing processes are inextricably linked).

    I just like it ALL too much.

    Thanks for all the input BTW.
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