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Homework Help: Confused abt forces concept

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    Consider a ladder leaning at a certain angle to the horizontal leaning against a wall on the point of slipping. Does the vertical component of force at the point of contact between the ladder and the floor equals to the weight of the ladder? If the answer is no, are there any other force(s) involved? I am confused about this.
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    No. There are other forces involved. There's a horizontal frictional force between the ladder and the floor (as you say), the weight of the ladder, a vertical reaction force between the floor and the ladder, a reaction between the wall and the ladder, and a frictional force between the ladder and the wall.

    Do your free-body diagram and make sure you've got all these taken care of, then continue as normal.

    Questions like this should be posted in the relevant homework forum.
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    Hi blade_chong! :smile:

    Hint: what other force is there?

    Under what conditions will it be purely horizontal? :smile:
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    elo to all....if the ladder is leaning on the wall still, i am able to to answer my question.However pls read my question carefully. Notice the words "point of slipping". will it affect the forces between the wall and ladder ?
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    Doc Al

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    At the "point of slipping", the ladder is still leaning against the wall. What vertical forces act on the ladder? (In this problem, the ladder is usually leaning against a frictionless wall. Is that the case here?)
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    thx i understand now
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