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Confused in College

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    Confused in College!!!!


    I need a little help with Dimensional Analysis and Conversions (Metric Units)

    Example: 35mm__________________________________________m

    How can I convert from one unit of measure to another??? :cry:


    Would somebody --- please, explain Dimensional Analysis to me in laymens terms?????? :confused:
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    Am I asking for help in the right manner????

    Come on, somebody has to be awake.....
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    35mm = 3.5cm = 0.35dm = 0.035m = 0.0035dam = 0.00035hm = 0.000035km
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    Hmm... I don't normally get involved in this sort of issues, but it's been a slow evening as far as I'm concerned. It probably sucks to be kept awake late at night in your second week of classes by what are simple issues.
    For dimensional analysis tutorials, try these two - they're written in fairly laymen terms.
    The conversion factors you need for the metric system are very straightforward since they are all various multiples of ten. You should be able to find them if you do a Google search on define <unit>. There are also plenty of other sites on dimensional analysis to be found.
    Oh, and for future reference, such questions should go in the "Homework help" subforums, which are more carefully monitored by people willing to help.
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    You also posted your second post in this thread 8 minutes after the first and then another 15 minutes after that! This isn't supposed to be an "answers on demand" operation! I usually look at this board once every one or two days- I have other things to do (Occassionally, people catch me and make me actually work for my pay!).

    The answer to your question- 15 mm is how many meters?- depends entirely upon know what millimeters and meters are. Do you know that?
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    Why do they use big word these days like "dimensional analysis" to talk about simple ideas? When I learned this stuff it was the simple name of "factor label method." How many MILLImeters are in 1 meter? If you know that, than you should be able to figure out your problem.
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    This may be a matter of using big words incorrectly! "Dimensional Analysis" is not just converting from one unit to another. It is used extensively to simplify equations in applied mathematics and I have even seen it used to prove the Pythagorean theorem!
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