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Homework Help: Confused on finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

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    confused on finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors!!

    hello everyone, i can't understand this example, how did they find the Eigen value of 3?! Aslo an Eigen vector of 1 1? http://img438.imageshack.us/img438/1466/lastscan1oc.jpg [Broken]
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    See http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CharacteristicEquation.html" [Broken].
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    thanks, i did that and I didn't get the right answer, look when i try to solve...
    http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/4810/lastscan1fp.jpg [Broken]
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    You've factored it incorrectly.
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    i know, i can't factor that and get a nice number, i'd have to use the quadtract equation, but that can't be right because the book got a nice answer of 3.
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    As Muzza said, only the factoring was wrong!

    [tex]\lambda ^2 - 4\lambda + 3 = \left( {\lambda - 1} \right)\left( {\lambda - 3} \right) \ne \left( {\lambda - 4} \right)\left( {\lambda + 1} \right)[/tex]
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    ohhh wow i suck hah, thank u so much!! why did they only use [tex]\lambda = 3[/tex] when it can also equal 1?
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    Even knowing that one solution was 3, so one factor must be x- 3 you couldn't factor it??

    Read it carefully! It specifically says "an eigenvalue", not the eigenvalue. And immediately below states that there is another and solves for it.
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    This is what we witnessed today. :surprised
    To think i have a 3.77 GPA. What is the world coming too?
    Anywho, thanks for the explanation everyone.
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