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Confused path.

  1. Oct 1, 2009 #1
    I'm currently an 18 yrs old computer science student who love fancy 3D graphics. I really love computers since childhood years that's the reason why I took this course. But right now I'm an incoming 3rd year student and noticed that I don't like what I'm doing here in school. Though I love what I'm doing at home, creating fancy particle engine, physics motion, smoke, or fluid in OpenGL.

    I'm thinking on after finishing this course here in Asia, I'll work in the USA and try to get an aerospace engineering course. I realized that my heart is really in sky and space. I love creating physical objects.

    What do you think?
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    Go on.Do whatever your heart says
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    Hey there. I did some work experience at a computer games company where a lot of that kinda thing (applied math, calculus, geometry, optimization etc) was used. Its definitely not a job you want to do if you want money but yeah it can be ok i guess.

    I think with the background you have you could do aerospace. If you know a lot about computer graphics especially things like radiosity, implicit functions and applied physics these skills will translate well to solving DE's/PDE's and so forth in areas like fluid mechanics.

    I wish you luck with your future.
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    Isn't it sound stupid because I have already a BS in CS on that time then I'm going into a so far course? Maybe I'll graduate in age 28 or 30 depends on my money earned.
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    Why worry; I am 47 and taking new courses on new shaders developments - In CS/CG you will keep learning all your career; you still can earn good money making models 'by request'.

    Best of luck - 3DCG is an amazingly fun adventure :)
  7. Oct 6, 2009 #6
    Didn't you say you're 18? Why not transfer now or switch majors? You could also double major if you want and you start on your engineering prerequisites, although I don't know how useful the CS degree would be if you stick with engineering. You should also check out the mechanical engineering degree, which will qualify you for aerospace jobs about as well as an aero degree.
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