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Confused please help

  1. Apr 26, 2006 #1
    91. Write balanced equations to show the formation of each of the following compounds. Name the reactants in each case, and show clearly the removal of the water molecule.

    a) butyl propanoate
    b) propyl methanoate


    a) butyl propanoate- C7H14O2 = (CH3CH2COOCH2CH2CH2CH3)

    C2H5COOH + C4H9OH ---> C7H14O2 + H2O

    Propanoic acid + Butanol ---> butyl propanoate + water

    b) propyl methanoate - C4H8O2 = (HCOOCH2CH2CH3)

    C3H7OH + HCOOH ---> C4H8O2 + H2O

    Propanol + methanoic acid ---> propyl methanoate + water

    The equations are both balanced right now with the water molecules, but how do I show the removal of the water molecule and make them balanced again?
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    You've already shown it.
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    Oh sweet!

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