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Confused: Suggest a Major for me

  1. Feb 23, 2010 #1
    My current major is BME (Biomedical Engineering):

    What I like:
    -PHYSICS (EVERYTHING ABOUT PHYSICS) esp. Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics!!
    -Chemistry (Molecular chemistry: why and how they react. Quantum Chemistry, etc... Particle Chemistry).
    -Biology (Mostly cellular and molecular cell. Biochemistry!! and proteins!!!)
    -Math (but I don't mind thinking about it as a useful tool to science).

    What I want to do for the future (possibly):


    My curriculum is forced mostly on going into industry after graduating so, it's mostly mechanics and circuits. Engineering work.

    Now I'm undecided on whether to do a Chemistry or Physics minor or as a major (I'm taking extra classes like Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and might want to take Quantum Mechanics or E&M or Medical Physics).

    Now I'm just going to have a bunch of extra classes along with my BME classes and I'm afraid of taking extra classes that might be useless and might bring down my gpa. I'm not sure what major I should do or what to focus in.
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