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Confused undergrad

  1. Jul 23, 2011 #1
    confused undergrad!!

    hey guys,
    i'm about to start my junior year (double majoring in physics and computer science) , couple of questions, would i be eligible to apply to grad school for applied math (i'm interested in development of quantum algorithms) , also what kind of a jobs would i be able to apply for on graduation?
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    Re: confused undergrad!!

    I think you would be eligible to apply to grad school for applied math. I would just try to take as many applied math courses as you can before you graduate. Remember grad schools don't just look at your degree, they pay much more attention to what classes you actually took. Not sure about the jobs though.
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    Re: confused undergrad!!

    Hey dazed and welcome to the forums.

    This doesn't directly answer your question, but I thought you might be interested in what I have to say.

    David Deutsch, a researcher at Oxford University, released a set of lectures on Quantum Computing that also contain worksheets.

    If you haven't covered anything to do with quantum computing, I think it might interest you. It's no substitute for a solid course and lab, but it's a good way to get oriented with the subject.
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    Re: confused undergrad!!

    @ stengah yeah , i should def. take some applied math courses, but i'm not completely sure which ones to take , as of now i've taken advanced calc, linear alg, and a differential equation(ODE) courses , i'm going to be taking one more differential equation course (partials) , probability, and discrete structures in the next semester, would you recommend that i take courses in real analysis/algebra (cuz i have none) or should i take say a graduate level course in partial differential equations? any help regarding this would be great

    @ chiro, i'm planning to take a quantum computing course in senior year, don't have the pre reqs to do so yet, but i will definitely check out the lectures you mentioned,
    heres the link that chiro is referring to, in case any one else is interested
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