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Confused with Mixed Signals

  1. Feb 9, 2012 #1
    Hi folks, I'm currently a freshman at Memorial University of Newfoundland, in the science program studying Biology at the moment. However, I have recently began getting the crap kicked out of me in Biology by a 4th year Bio prof who has come down to 1st year apparently to sort people out, and he's basically just sucked all the life out of Biology for me. I've never been particularly interested into Biology until I took up running two years ago when I began to see my asthma becoming a major problem and became determined to cure it. But that's foolish and unlikely. So now, I'm kind of lost, without any real interest I don't feel like following in Biology. I have always been fascinated with meteorology, and since I was 3 I have followed weather patterns, especially hurricanes and tornadoes and other meteorological events with great interest. By the time I was 6 I could name you every retired Hurricane Name in history, and probably still can. I have always loved physics and math, even though last semester I performed poorly in math, partially because I don't think my High School prepared me. But I have been increasingly become drawn to math, I've been watching documentaries, researching the history, reading up on problems such as Riemann and Yang-Mills existence and am starting to REALLY like math, where it's all I want to study. I did fine in Physics last semester though, as it's always been my one trump card when I otherwise would be an average or below average student, and squeaked out an 80 when the class average was in the 50s after A LOT of hard work and studying. So I am considering physics too. Should I just drop my bothersome biology course and focus on my Calculus and Linear Algebra courses which I have more interest in and follow into Math or Physics next term? Biology is becoming increasingly cumbersome, and I don't have many kind thoughts for Chemistry either. Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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    would you still like to put the biology you've learned into use and not to waste? or do never want to do anything related to biology ever again?

    there are fields where biology and physics overlap and I would imagine meteorology plays a big part in ornithology.
  4. Feb 9, 2012 #3
    Sounds good to me - follow your passion! Do what you're really interested in... drop the rest. If the courses are bothersome, just drop them. The Feynman approach. Good for studying, good for life. You only need to get worried if, having dropped bio and chem, you want to drop Maths & Physics! You need to do something...

    I did biology to advanced level at school but never used it afterwards... but I never thought I had wasted my time doing it. It was fun! Physics was more fun, though...
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    It's quite normal for interests to change. If bio no longer interests you, but physics and math do, by all means, drop bio to focus on the subjects you care about.
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    Yeah, I think this comes down to it. I was discouraged by my initial showings in math after entering university. But maybe that's more because I just wasn't prepared well than I suck at math. I find Physics all around interesting, whether it be Photonics, Meteorology, Accelerator Physics, Mathematical Physics, Astrophysics, Relativity, Fluids whatever, I like it all... I'll never know if I don't try. Math also interests me a lot, I am getting a deep appreciation for Calculus and am trying to master it. :)
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