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Homework Help: Confusing problem

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    hi i have a problem that i am confused with and i need some help or at least a place to start

    The problem states:

    A 5/8 inch diameter hose is used to fill a round swimming pool 7.2 m in diameter. How long will it take to fill the pool to a depth of 44 inches if the water issues from the hose at a speed of .28 m/s?

    i know it's a fluid problem, but i have no idea which formulas to use or how to manipulate it.
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    It's a mass continuity problem. The volume of water coming out of the pipe is the same as the volume of water entering the swimming pool.

    Calculate the volume per second leaving the hose. Calculate the volume required to fill the swimming pool to 44 inches deep. Divide.

    - Warren
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