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Confusing quantum mystics

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    So there is this guy named David Franklin Farkas of Amherst. His website is http://househealing.com .

    He "recently started a business psychically checking buildings for damage and repairing any 'holes' he finds in the energetic structure. It may sound like something from a sci-fi story, but Farkas' clients take the services offered by his consulting company, HouseHealing.com, very seriously." (Laura Sylvester, Daily Hampshire Gazette)

    He says he's a "Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Shaman, Mystic, and Ghost Buster, Quantum Mechanic, Technician of the Sacred".

    Quantum mechanic, eh?

    Idea: Those of us with a little free time contact him. Ask him for help with some actual physics.

    One good idea for a prank call I saw floating around the internets went like this:

    "Oh, hello, is this Dr. Farkas? Dr. David Farkas, the quantum mechanic? Awesome! I'm really glad I caught you - see, I have this huge problem, and I know you're the only one who can help me. See, I've got this electrical field that I'm dealing with experimentally, and I'm observing quantization that makes absolutely no sense on this level! I've run the Kelvin-Stokes theorem a dozen times, and what I'm seeing doesn't conform at all to Faraday's Law! Maybe you can check my math on this, I don't know, but I really think I need a quantum mechanic here."

    Or perhaps ask him about the spin on the electrons in the 3d orbital of your copper(II) compound.

    Ask him about your Feynman diagram.

    Ask him why your alpha radiation is penetrating more than it should .
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    Organizing raids on psuedoscientists from PF? I'm not sure that Greg would be too happy about that. lol
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    Total ********.
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    He works on very small cars.
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    Heh, I always love teh quantum mystic guys who don't know the first thing about real quantum mechanics. Maybe I'll call him and ask how it's possible that the angular part of my wavefunction can't be expanded into a linear combination of spherical harmonics.
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