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Confusion about physics grad school.

  1. Jan 15, 2013 #1
    Hi im currently studying at university of melbourne (Australia) major in mathematical physics and I just finished my second year. I plan to continue my graduate study in physics in US because i think the reputation of universities there are better.
    According to what i read from Caltech website, it says that I only need a B.S. for their Ph.D. program. But what confuses me is that undergraduate degree is only 3 years here in Australia as oppose to 4 years in the US. The requirement for Ph.D. program here in melbourne is I have to complete an honoure year (which is an extra year after 3rd year, focus on research i guess) unless if I've got a good enough grade then I can go straight into Ph.D. after my 3rd year (which i think i have that so far). If I want to apply for grad school after I finish my 3rd year then apparently I need to prepare for GRE test and other things now, but the question is:
    Is this really the right time?
    should I give it a try anyway?

    I've done a little research for my professor in my second year and also currently working for another professor as well in this summer break, helping out with stuffs. I also have other I have to do so I don't wanna put my effort into GRE preparation if that only going to waste my time.
    Please give me some advice, thank you :)
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