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Confusion in Electro Statics

  1. May 20, 2013 #1
    During electrostatic induction,a posivitiely charged body is brought near to a uncharged body.During this uncharged body gets bound negative change toward the end of the body near to charged body.
    My question is in reality what happens to the electron and proton of uncharged body.Do the all electron of far end comes to near end or what???????????????
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    electrostatic induction

    its the free electrons which travel creating an excess or deficit of electrons on two sides and thereby opposite charges
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    However in dielectrics (where there are no free electrons) , when a charged body(positive ,say) is brought near an uncharged dielectric, the electrons bound to the nucleus experience a net attraction and the nucleus suffers a net repulsion ,so the electrons come a little closer to the positive charge and the nucleus away from the positive charge thereby creating a dipole which is attracted towards the positive charge.due to the net effect of all the molecules, the body is induced with charges
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