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Confusion over to leave the college I am going to attend

  1. Jul 26, 2012 #1
    Sorry, for I did not know where to put this question. But this subforum's name seemed suitable to me to put my following query, here.
    I am really in a dilemma these days ( on whether to leave or not). Actually , I was rejected from the university , I liked most and in my list of 5-6 prospective colleges ( where I thought I would be going 2-3 months back) , i had come to attend the college which was most unlikely to be joined by me and was on the very bottom in this list. Now, I sometimes feel like a loser. I never , ever dreamt that I will have to come to this college. I think you can feel what I feel, if you know the pain of having to attend a college you HATE MOST and never even imagined of that plus it is too costly for my family to afford. I try to be cheerful, but always end up feeling tensed. Actually, I had this thing in mind that this year I am gonna prepare for my 'favourite university' and favourite course' again this year and have joined this college just as a 'back up' so that my one year does not get ruined. I really hate this college and this city ( in addition of it being expensive) . I really so much wish to leave , but some say it that it is going to turn me into a nerd , if I will spend another year living at home, doing nothing but only study and spending one year outside can give me social benefits.
    So, guys if you have anything suitable, inspiring, motivational to say or to advice then reply.. but please don't say anything harsh as it might ruin my already ruined mood.
    I apologize for any typing mistake and the problem you might have faced while reading .
    Anyway, thanks for reading my problem or even coming here to know what I was asking about. Thanks
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