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I Confusion with units : MeV/C2

  1. Apr 24, 2016 #1
    So 1u = 931.5Mev/c2 = 1.67 10_27 kg . the thing is when i calculate E=mC2 with both units the calculations dont match . i can't understand why .
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    We can't help you to find your error, if you don't show your calculations.
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    Thank you for the attention sir . unfortunately i am using my phone to type so i cannot write all the calculation . can you please write the Energy released out of a mass defect of 1u by using Kg first then MeV /C2 as the unit of mass ? That can solve my problem
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    The problem is solved . thank you
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    Please note that this is usually not an acceptable excuse to not lay out the full and complete post. It is why the PF Rules also prohibit text-speak.

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