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Congratulations, you've won the cosmic lotto

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    There are at least approximately 1082 atoms in the universe. There are about 7*1027 atoms in a human body. The odds that any particular atoms would coalesce into a human being, you for instance, make astronomical odds look like 100% certainty. The odds that any of us would be a person on this planet are like having to win the lotto to get a ticket in another lotto, win that lotto for a ticket in another lotto, etc etc for a ways I think.

    We don't know how lucky we are. We should all have been lifeless lumps of matter floating through space unaware of time, with no past and no future. Every person who is reading this has won the cosmic lotto. Congratulations, be thankful, life is good no matter how much other people try to make you miserable.
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    I'll drink to that! :)
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