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Congress abstract

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    There is this congress for which I would like to submit an abstract. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to write a full paper which will be published in a preceeding series and will be indexed in isi. Now I was wondering what exactly is expected from such an abstract?

    Is it comparable to the abstract of the accompanying paper, with maybe a little bit more introduction to the subject, but still giving the main results. Or is it supposed to be a description of the performed work and as such should describe in general terms the experiments/simulations etc performed without giving the main results?

    I would much appreciate any help!
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    Usually the conference/congress website will specify of what they are looking for in the abstract - although sometimes this is limited to word count and format.

    In general it should be like the abstract of a paper in the field and should include a summary of the important results. It's not a teaser, it's a summary. Depending on your word count, start out with the motivation - why you're doing the work and why anyone would be interested. Include a specific statement of the promblem your work is addressing. Summarize the approach you used. Include specific details that are unique about your approach. (If it's a Monte Carlo simulation for example, the reader won't be interested in an overview of Monte Carlo integration from the manual.) Then outline the significant findings. Relevant discussion and the direction of future work can be included if you want to fill out the rest of your word count, but in general less is more.

    You should be able to dig up abstracts from previous years to get a feeling for what the scientific committee is expecting.
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    Nope, no examples and also no specifications besides word-count. Your description thus helps a lot!
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