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Congressional leadership confusion

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    I was reading that the Speaker of the house is second in line to succeed the president and presides over the house. What about the majority leader? doesnt he preside ove the House? What about the vice presidenr? I thought the vice president was second in line to succeed the presidency.
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    The Vice President is first in line to succeed to the presidency, when the President, for some reason, cannot continue. The Speaker is second, after the veep.

    The Speaker is elected by the House by simple majority vote of all members, and has responsibility to all its members, not just the majority party. The majority leader has resaponsibility only to the members of the majority party. Thus the Speaker is a better choice, even though in his election he may have been elected in a straight party line vote by the majority party only.
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    so there is a majority and minoity leader in both the house and the senate and there is a Speaker only in the house?
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