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News Congressman Stark; Man of the People

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    A friend of mine heard this on the radio, and it prompted him to do something he's never done before; actually call a congressman and express his opinion. It is a message left on an answering machine by a US senator speaking to someone (one of the citizens he is supposed to be srving) with an opinion differing from his own. As usual, I think Limbaugh overdramatises a bit, but the sounbite speaks for itself.

    This is the way someone talks when they are not interested in serving those to whom they are answerable, and wish to be answerable to no-one. I'm sure Congressman Stark's secratarial staff had a wonerfull afternoon! :biggrin:
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    I can't think of many socialist that has a high regard for the military or its members. Stark is a member of the Progressive Caucus of the U. S. House of Representatives, which is associated with the Democratic Socialist of America.
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