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Congruence difficulty

  1. Mar 17, 2008 #1
    Hello. Can someone shed some light on this:

    Are the topics Integers, Diophantine Equations, and Congruence supposed to be difficult? How easy are they relative to other topics in first year math curriculum? Like in comparison to topics in Calculus, Linear Algebra, or Physics? Do these require different kinds of mental abilities or interests?

    Any opinion, information, experience, judgement?

    Errm...would someone be kind enough to respond (with any opinion/information, your own experience, not necassarily the 'correct' answer)? It's my very first post. :smile:
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    Integers, Diophantine Eq's and Congruence....? sounds like elementary number theory to me. I assume that having seen linear algebra before could not hurt in helping. I do not think however that it is similar to calculus, but what do i know?
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