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Conical pendulum question help?

  1. Aug 2, 2012 #1
    Conical pendulum question help!?

    By resolving forces horizontally and vertically and using Newtons second law, find an expression for the angle swung out. You must use calculus where needed. Use this analysis to answer questions 1-3
    Q1: Will a child swing at a greater angle than a heavy adult?
    2: Will people on the inside swing out at the same angle?
    3: Will empty chairs be a problem?
    The context is of a chair-o-plane ride
    I'm very stuck and need some help please!
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    Re: Conical pendulum question help!?

    This reads like a homework question. As such, it should be on a different forum.
    But, to the problem. A chair-o-plane is really not like a pendulum as it can rotate with any period.
    The easiest scenario is to assume masses on mass-less chains.
    To calculate the angle of a chair-o-plane, all you need to do is to equate the inward (horizontal) component of the tension in the chains to the centripetal force for the circular motion of a mass at a particular radius and a particular angular velocity. No calculus needed there. The vertical component of tension will equal the weight force.
    Is that good enough for you and can you do that calculation for a start, or do you want to have a finite mass for the chain?
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