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Conjugated polymers

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    I have a question related to conductivity of conjugated polymers. I found that they could become conductive if they're dopped with any other element. Is it 1D conductivity because I read that electrons are not so mobile between the chains of polymers in a bulk, but they are along a polymer chain?

    I understood that the polymers used in PV cells are semiconductive (P type). Am I right?
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    Yes, the conductivity is mainly 1D because the conduction electrons are pi electrons that are delocalized along the polymer's carbon backbone. Conduction can occur between polymer chains, however, if an electron "hops" from one chain to the next.
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    The mobility of conjugated polymers is very, very dependent on the intermolecular structure. For instance, P3HT can form a herring bone structure that allows for two dimensional mobility.
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