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Connected load in a house

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    Recently when i checked the electricity bill ,i found that the connected load was 200 Watts.

    How come it be when i use my 450W computer, 1000W iron box etc.

    Even the light bulbs and fan add upto more than 200W.

    Please comment.
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    I would guess that you are reading your bill wrong. Are you sure that it's not 200 Amperes? That's what my circuit panel has for its main switch.
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    Are you sure that is what it says? Usually power companies charge by the energy consumed, not the power. Thus, I would assume it says something about kWh...
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    Of course there is the energy consumption in kWh and the bill is charged on its basis.

    But there is also this spot on,
    Connected load:200 Watts.

    Maybe I'll enquire about it whenever possible.
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    Thank you for your concern.
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    Maybe I'll get in touch when i find out.
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    jim hardy

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    perhaps you have an unmetered 200 watt yard light that they maintain.
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    If you could redact your personal information from the bill and scan it and post it here, we can help you interpret it. :smile:
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