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Connected problem

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    i am unluckily connected to a strange port which is bugging me badly night and day, I checked uot and found that whenever i log on internet, this connection appears besides my connection to my server, how can i get rid of it ?

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    What exactly are your connections?
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    Thanks alot,
    i have some problems with local host, why are there 2 ports at the same time connected when I log on the net ?
    Sometimes only one appears, sometimes there are two...

    I dont know how to deal with this ?

    By theway, Russ watter, can you introduce me some forums about Internet, web etc for me to make some questions like this... This place is also a good place but I think this forum is much more of sciences than technologies....there are not many people coming to help newies like me...

    Thanks in advance
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    You can ask your questions here.

    Another good place is one of PF's sister sites, www.talkroot.com[/URL]
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