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Connected Sets

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    I have been asked if the following is true or false

    the intersection of two connected sets is connected ?

    I would have thought that if their intersection was empty they wouldn't be connected.

    If they were disjoint or course it would be empty.

    any ideas?
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    there are simple counter examples
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    The empty set definitely is connected. Take a look at the definition of not connected again... the partioning sets are required to be non-empty themselves (otherwise every set is disconnected). The empty set has no non-empty subsets so must be connected by default
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    So are you saying that if I take two non empty connected sets ie.

    A= {1} and B={2} as singletons are connected then the intersection of (A n B ) = the empty set which is itself connected?
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    So I need to find at least an non empty set to be dissconnected.
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    he is saying that the empty set is connected so that it will not serve for a counter example
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    Thanks guys
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    Just try to imagine two connected sets that cross over each other in two disconnected regions; it's not too difficult if you think about it e.g. take two connected subsets of a circle which cover the circle but are not the whole circle.
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