Connecting PV Module with Grid

  1. I am working on a project. I have completed designing PV module in simulink. I have also added MPPT algorithm and Boost Converter. Now I want to connect it with a grid. Can anybody tell me the circuit diagram?
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    mukesh.sehwag, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Using Google Search with the terms "connected photovoltaic module with grid" I found many articles describing how to do this. Why don't you investigate how thousands of others have successfully made this interface?

    If you do this research and still have any technical questions or doubts, then return here and post them.

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    Thanks for replying.

    I did search before posting here. But what I got are all statistics showing how much produced and like that. Okay I am still searching. If I have any problem I will reply back.
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    OK, mukesh.sehwag. Will you please try to Google search using these terms: "grid tie inverter schematic circuit diagrams". See if what you need can be found there.

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    If this is a practical project and if you really want to connect to the grid then you will need to read the regulations that you will need to satisfy before your connection is 'approved' by your supplier. Electricity suppliers are obsessed with Health and Safety (rightly so) and will not let anyone connect a PV system that is not thoroughly checked out (and probably type-approved).
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