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Connecting to server from Mac

  1. Nov 4, 2012 #1
    From Go->Connect To Server
    I then enter smb: (the ip address of my running local windows7 with account named "Computer" and password "computer"). I click Connect and then enter the account information to view the popup of "Select the volumes you want to mount on" dialog but it is empty. Do you know how can I add a shared folder in windows that my Mac can view ? Thank you a lot.
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    try the above, if it still shows nothing try this

    smb://*shared folder*

    without * and use the name of the shared folder

    add a $ before the name of the shared folder as it may for some reason be a hidden share.

    i personally dont use mac so the information above may not be accurate but i work with them on an enterprise network and its beyond frustrating haha best of luck.
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