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Connecting VCR to Computer

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    I am going to be splitting the cost of buying a DVD burner with my Dad, my Dad says that the burner must be able to connect to a VCR so that he can copy our aging Home Videos over to DVD's. What is the best way to connect a VCR over to a computer? The computer I am looking at putting it on has USB and Firewire capability, it has an S-Video port, but it has some 9 pin port that no store in the world carries (trust me, I've looked). Is there a good adapter that to switch the 3 port red white and yellow cables from a VCR over to a USB or some other port, or is there possibly an external DVD player that can be connected directly to a VCR? Thanks for your help in advance.
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    After looking high and low I think i found exactly what your looking for. What you have isn't s-video , it is mini-din 9 pin which usually comes with nvidia cards.

    So here is where you can buy the RCA to MD9P connector:

    http://www.excaliberpc.com/product_info.php?cPath=156_162&products_id=1055 [Broken]

    The good thing is it is only $6.99 plus a little tax.

    Hope that helps.
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    That dongle is a proprietary adapter which allows you to input s-video or composite. The computer should have come with it. Lyuokdea, are you sure thats video-in?

    Anyway, if you can figure out what inputs (if any - not all computers have video in) then you just match it to the output of your vcr or camera. S-video is better than composite, so use that if you can. If one is s-video and the other is composite, get an adapter at Radio Shack.

    The red and white are audio and you plug them into your sound card via the appropriate rca-stereo 1/8" adapter.
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    Get one of these. It plugs into a USB port, and you can plug your vcr/console game/tv output/digital cam/recorder directly into it. Walmart has a cheaper version, I think it is like $59.

    After that, you need some kind of stream ripping software to capture the video. You can record it strait to your hd, and then burn them in ISO or get some dvd converter.

    Once you get your vcr hooked up to your pc, send me some email I'll be glad to help you with the particulars.
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