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Medical Connective Tissue

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    I am curious to know, in terms of biology, how does the butt sag when you are too young to experience this?

    Recently, I've experienced trauma to lateral portion of my buttocks causing the fat to confine to the lower region. I am guessing that the trauma to the connective tissue causes it to relax and therefore elongate itself as well as the collagen it secretes. But I could be wrong.....

    How does one go about correcting a pseudo-ptotic issue look this? In other words, how do you tighten the connective tissue/collagen?
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    You really can't. Connective tissue will repair its self in time, and collagen is only skin deep. Your bottom gets its shape from the muscle mass.
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    Hmmm...the muscle mass part if a bit iffy...i know people that can squat almost 200 lbs and their butts still have no roundness to them, whereas, someone like me, who isn't really all that active, but has good muscle strength/endurance, gains weight mostly in the buttocks region.....

    The mechanical trauma i'm talking about is the "vibrating" I did to the underside of my butt last may, and so the fat slid down and no amount of dead lifts will lift it up. I am thinking that the only way to correct the connective tissue elongation/butt ptosis is through reconstructive/cosmetic surgery.

    I've been waiting for the connective tissue to heal on its own and it is still droopy. It's not so much that the skin is droopy, but that the fibers that hold up the fat are droopy and too stretched out...

    I am not sure if this area will experience some sort of tissue necrosis/atrophy in the future especially since I am not gaining any weight in my bottom region like I used to.
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    I'm sure your Doctor can give you some good advice. I can't even fathom what kind of vibrating your referring to. But for fat to drop completely out of place from a injury, that kind of tissue damage, would put you in a hospital pronto!
    Keep in mind, sense your not active, your body changes as early as age 16. People who tend to gain and lose weight put a lot of stress on the conjoined fibers that hold fatty tissue between layers of skin. Once these tissues are damaged, pockets of fat can poke through. While it's mostly hereditary{look at your families backsides}, things like good diet and physical exercise still help.
    See your doctor, for some straight forward advice.
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    The shape really is more to do with the underlying muscles, though of course added fat can add to the size of the buttocks.

    I really cannot imagine what you're describing here. Have you seen a doctor about this? Excessive vibration can damage nerves, and it's possible that some of nerves innervating the supporting muscles have been damaged. Are there any motions you have difficulty with that you didn't used to? For example, keeping your hips straight while standing on one leg, or rotating your leg (i.e., moving your foot from side to side)? Those sorts of things would indicate it's nerve damage, not something to do with connective tissue.

    Regardless, we can't diagnose you online, so you're going to have to ask your own doctor about these things.
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    I do not have difficulty doing any of the exercises you mentioned. I am not sure how to articulate what exactly went on, but I know that the fat concentration in my butt has changed from accumulating on the anterior/upper portion on my butt, to being confined to the posterior portion of the butt, so that now it looks flat and saggy, hence the butt ptosis. I realize that I must talk to my doctor about this, and I have an appointment next week. I am sure she will be just as confused as anyone else I've spoken to about this, though.....I really do regret the "vibrating" I did....
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