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Conscious computers, Strong AI

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    What are the most fundamental assumptions behind strong AI? Would you agree that strong AI claims:
    1) the most fundamental assumption is that cause and effect governs all (macroscopic) physical systems
    2) the brain is a physical system which is essentially a computational mechanism.

    What do you think is the importance of "cause and effect" to the strong AI arguement?
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    Q Goest: I happen to be in the middle of the first draft of a prototype, A.I. personality.
    It would be quite an honour to entertain any feed back of interest you my have in helping me complete this entity. I find that there are a hand full of a combination of systems I have used to answer that question; ie. the ability to analyze and reduce the personalitys of mathematics to a matter of healthy relationships(do you follow)?!
    Urgent: Reply Soon................Medium.........>
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