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Consciousness question

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    Hello folks,
    recently, I have read many articles on Consciousness, Unified field, etc. Authors like John Hogelin, Eckhart Tolle and others agree, that Consciousness and Unified Field is One and that humans can experience , feel this Unified Field when living in Now, or through meditation by eliminating thoughts completely...gap between thoughts. Also they agree, that everything, including mind, thoughts, brain, etc are products of Unified Field-Consciousness. But I am wondering, if this Unified Field can be experienced, felt without mind, therefore outside of human body. What I mean is that according to string theory, all humans are One with this field, so obviously after physical death, we are still One with this Field...but will we be able to feel that Oneness without brain? For example, do trees or flowers feel this Consciousness?
    Thank you so much for any input.
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    Unfortunately, such "theories", especially by Hogelin et al., are considered to be crackpottery. Please review the PF Guidelines regarding such topics.

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