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Consecutive fans

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    If you have two hurricane fans, and place them one after another, both blowing the same direction, will the air from the front fan be twice as fast?
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    Well, I don't know what a hurricane fan is, but the answer is no.

    The speed of the second fan relative to the air will not cause the air to speed up twice as much.
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    Dave is right. When you have equal characteristics fans(i.e equal head and flowrate) series arrangement gives you the capacity of a single fan but head gets doubled. Parallel arrangement gives you double the capacity of a single fan but head remains same.
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    The fan speed will not increase by putting one behind another, but by putting them next to each other will create a greater area covered and more of a "breeze" effect. Both Dave and quark were correct
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    Well, there was recently a thread where someone complained about water flow being used as an analogy for electricity. Well, here it is again: as others correctly said - parallel vs series configuration means more flow (amperage, flow) vs more pressure (voltage, head).

    edit: If you internalize this concept (that energy transfers/flows of all types are related), you'll be waaaaay ahead of the curve as an engineer.
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