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Homework Help: Conservation of angular momentum

  1. Aug 5, 2006 #1
    Question1: Discuss the conservation of angular momentum for a macroscopic system of sources and Electromagnetic fields in a uniform isotropic dispersionless medium of permittivity epsilon and permeability mu.
    Question2: Show that the differential form of the conservation law is:

    ∂/∂t(Lfield + Lmech) + div(M) = 0

    where L-field = μεx x (Ex H)

    and M = T x x

    T is the Maxwells stress tensor

    I am wanting help with both these questions
    1st question: Would like some help to get started such as a couple of bullet points
    2nd question: Not sure where to start


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    Meir Achuz

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    The derivation for linear momentum is in most textbooks. Just repeat it for rXP. I suggest you look at "Classical Electromagnetism" by Franklin, which shows when to use E,D,B,H.
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