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Conservation of energy

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    There is one question in my mind.
    We can convert one form of energy to other. But is it possible to convert any form of energy to solar energy? If yes then please give details.
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    Of course!!! Solar energy is just light. When you flip the wall switch to turn on the light on the ceiling you are producing the same type of energy as solar energy.
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    Solar energy is in fact not an entirely different form of energy, it is the light energy and heat energy that come directly from the sun, and the wind, water and chemical energy of the fuels that indirectly come from the sun that comprise of the collective "solar energy".

    So converting a form of energy into solar energy is not a good term to use.

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    Gravitational potential energy can be converted to solar energy. That is what a star does, isn't it?

    Can we do that on earth? If by "solar energy" you mean the conversion of mass to photons by fusion reactions, then it ain't easy!
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    Er.. no. Nuclear reaction is not a conversion of gravitational PE.

    Drop a ball. That's the conversion of gravitational PE to KE.

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    It would be correct to say that gravitational potential energy provides the activation energy for the nuclear reaction. The products, as ZZ said, are all nuclear.
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    sorta like the implosion trigger or gun trigger of nuclear weapons (but a different nuclear material). the gravitational potential energy squeezes the hell out of the hydrogen in the core of the sun forcing it into fusion.
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